MCC -MineCraft Cheat Client- Updated 5/15/2011

Minecraft Hacking

The MineCraft cheat client or Mcc is the best easy to use AIO tool for minecraft hacks and multiplayer hacking.

Updated on 5/15/2011

It brings the best of hacking into one easy tool.


Toggle Options

  • Invincibility Toggle
  • Unlimited Oxygen Toggle
  • Fire Proof
  • Fly Mode Toggle
  • Hover Mode


  • Spawn Invincible Items Toggle
  • Spawn Unlimited stacks of items or X amount
  • Spawn Y items
  • Spawn a set of tools -wood though diamond-
  • Spawn a armor set -wood through diamond-


  • Delete Y item
  • Delete all items.

Well those are the features, I can honesty say this is the best minecraft hacks program I have used so far. Inside the zip file is a .jar file so it is impossible to infect. Simply download and run it like you would the normal Minecraft client.

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Omen v0.7.0 – Minecraft Map Editor

Omen is a map editor for Minecraft. It doesn’t support Alpha maps yet – only Creative and Indev levels. I am looking into updated version with infinite map support.

Be sure to backup any .mclevels you modfiy with Omen – there is a known issue with chests.

Multiplayer maps are not affected.

UPDATE – 08/02/10- Version 0.7.0 out!

Download it here

I got the worst of the bugs! I think.


.mclevel support
Environment Settings
New blocks
Cleaner GUI
Blocks can be externally loaded for easier updates
Block Counter
Remove All Liquids Tool
Remove All Indev Blocks Tool
Stairs Prefab
Improved Ruins generator
Added Surface Trees to Caverns Generator
Caves/Ores now optional in generators
Better Desert generator

UPDATE – 03/12/09 – Version 0.6.0 out!

Download it here

There are almost certainly big bugs as this is mostly untested.


New blocks
Brushes now go up to 512
VXL importer
Replace brush
Rewritten grassland generator
Cavern map generator
Ruin map generator
Display tiles when zoomed in
Exit Menu Item
Flip map options
Flood Barrier tool
New maps can have trees
Quick Trees option
Quick Plants option
Quick Ruins option
Tree & Ruin prefab tools
More overview color settings

UPDATE – 20/07/09 – Version 0.5.0 out!

Download it here

Firstly, I’ve changed the name – it’s now Omen. This is a better name, but as I’m planning on opening the code up to the community it also removes my username from the name.

I’m working on putting together some proper documentation together too, not in the zip but expect it. Now I need to sleep. Feel free to find many, many bugs!

Straight and Bezier (curved) line tools
New map options, including 8 flat map presets and 5 map generators
A proper menu and changed layout
Heightmap export
Bulk import/export of layer PNGs
Rescale map
Change map size
Add cave & Ore options
2d & 3d smooth
Brush density option
Brush centred option
Optional grid overlay
Topographic views
Shortcut keys for various tools

A couple of things I made using Omen 0.5.0:

UPDATE – 24/06/09 – Version 0.4.1 out!

Rendering glitch when drawing
Icons not appearing

PNG importer will now pick nearest colour
Last edited block now appears in status bar
Spawn point picker (possibly broken, if so I’ll fix it next release)

UPDATE – 23/06/09 – Version 0.4 is now out!

File removed – see newest version above

UPDATE – 22/06/09

It will be out tomorrow – really! Everything is more or less done, need to do some testing then bundle it up. I’ve work tomorrow, so it won’t be out until (Monday) night.

All the features that I said I would add are done apart from tree prefabs (which I will do tomorrow) and animated gif support (which I’m putting on hold for now). In addition, I added multiple views, a dropper, zooming, support for creating maps from scratch plus all the new blocks.

Here’s how the editor looks on a Mac:

Here’s it in Vista:

It was developed on the Mac and works fine, but is having some drawing problems on Vista so I need to fix that.

Original Post

Over the weekend I modified a previous program I had written to be a map editor for Minecraft. It’s not yet done as there are still some things I want to do with it, but it should be out soon. I thought I’d announce it here as a couple of other people seem to be working on the same thing.

So far OME can:

Load and save maps
Create blank maps
Displays slices of the map as images, and allows scrolling between layers
Allows for drawing in 2d and 3d with round and square brushes with any block type
Can copy layers up and down
Can import and export layers as PNG images (to allow editing in photoshop etc)
Can generate maps from greyscale heightmap images

Prior to release I hope to add:

Support for animated GIFs (each frame representing a layer of the map)
Flood Fill/Paintbucket in 2d and 3d
Block replace brush
Tree prefabs
A better interface
Control over map properties (size, spawn points etc)

Below I’ve posted pictures of a map of Europe (you can download it here) I made from a topographic heightmap

Here is the same map viewed in OME:

Like I said, the interface sucks just now and I plan to replace it, though I may release this version first depending how long it takes me.

Also, just for fun – done using the PNG importer:

The Legend of Zelda overworld map:

If anyone has any feedback or suggestions for features that would be awesome!

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