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If your looking for minecraft cheats or multiplayer hacks then we have what your looking for. For usage in single and multiplayer.

Note: You must have an account to use anything on my site. I do not support the piracy of minecraft. This site is also not affiliated with Mojang in anyway, you can buy the game on their site. If you need an account I hold monthly drawings for an account. Check the link up top.

What are Hacks?

A hack or a mod for a game is a program/file that modifies the game you are playing, whether to give you an advantage or make the game play in ways unintended by the designer in this case minecraft. They allow you stomp on other players as you ruthlessly set fire to forests and spawn lava in the sky. This is one of the few working hack clients remaining, not only is it free and updated regularly but undetected. Allowing you to do your dirty work in stealth mode, and leaving a map in ruin before anybody ever notices. On the other side of the fence you also gain the power to spawn any type of block. Letting you build huge cities and structures out of anything you wish, even massive buildings made of the 99999 diamond blocks you just spawned. This tool also puts the power to spawn armor, weapons, and tools, along with all the little oddities you wish. Think of it as an Invi-edit that works ingame  and online!

When I first started using modded clients over two years ago I had no idea that it would grown into what is today this website. Lots has changed since I started griefing all that time ago. With the onset of better modded clients came a wave of better plugins to protect servers. So the clients added more features to allow more freedom and yet again the plugins got better. So this war has been going on for quite a while now, it’s to the point that even I am amazed by the new features that clients can now offer.

This is by far one of my favorite mods . I have played for hours just building entire worlds. But I think the best feature about this tool is the fact it works ONLINE! Use it for Good or Evil but hey it’s fun either way. I’m going to list the programs features first. Video and pictures are below.

Last updated: TODAY


Note: I will prepare an updates as the newer versions launch!


  • Invincibility Toggle[On/Off] (No longer works due to patch)
  • Unlimited Oxygen Toggle[On/Off] (No longer works due to patch)
  • Fire Proof [On/Off] (No longer works due to patch)
  • Fly Mode Toggle[On/Off]
  • Hover Mode [On/Off]
  • Flight: Keybind: F – This doesn’t require any elaboration.
  • Jesus: Keybind: J – Allows you to walk over water and place blocks on water/lava.
  • Free Cam: Keybind: N – This doesn’t require any elaboration.
  • No Swing: Keybind: M – Stops sending swing packets, which makes you able to hit/destroy blocks without swinging.
  • Unpushable: Keybind: . – Makes other players unable to push you.
  • NoFall: Keybind: L – No fall damage.
  • Run: Keybind: R – Makes you walk faster.
  • Build: Keybind: B – Simple build-hack; Pole, Wall, Cube, Floor, Swastika.
  • Instant: Keybind: C – Instant block break.
  • Sneak: Keybind: Z – Avo-like sneak hack; Makes your name unvisible through 1 block layers.
  • Speedy Gonzales: Keybind: , – Speeds up block breaking.
  • Fast Place: Keybind: V – Speeds up block placing.
  • Wallhack: Keybind: H – See entities through blocks.
  • Fullbright: Keybind: G – This doesn’t require any elaboration.
  • X-Ray: Keybind: X – This doesn’t require any elaboration.
  • Console: Keybind: TAB (or DOWN) – Allows you to execute commands.
  • Flood: Command: flood – Example; “flood 10000 Your message here”. Example2; “flood 10000 random” – Which will spam random digits.
  • Disconnect flood: Command: dc – This doesn’t require any elaboration.
  • NoRender: Keybind: K – Stops rendering drops, rain, (falling) snow and clouds.
  • Flight Speed-slider: Slider to adjust flight speed.
  • Speed-slider: Check screenshots for more information.
  • Step-slider: Check screenshots for more information.
  • Jump-slider: Check screenshots for more information.
  • Toggle-able mouse menu: Keybind: INSERT (or UP) – For more information, see screenshots.
  • Cave Finder: What do you think this does?
  • Forcefield -Kills players/mobs/animals around you
  • Nuker – Has the option to set the radius of destruction. Works in all modes
  • Aimbot -  Aimbot is 100% working
  • Alerts/NameTags – Give all players name tags at any distance, works even if they are using another client for stealth.
  • Derp Mode – Added on request, why does anyone want this?
  • Made the radar GUI look more pro
  • Step Slider – Allows you to effectively “step” over objects 
  • Wall Climb – Allows you to climb almost an surface.
  • No Render – Won’t render dropped objects
  • Spam Drop – Drops everything in your inventory one by one at a high speed, this will crash servers.
  • Opacity Xray – Looks cooler than regular xray.
  • Tracers – Draws a line showing the movements of other players.

Thanks for all the support and comments guys! I really enjoy doing this project! I would also really like to thank you guys for all the support on this project, it has really grown in the past few months.

The client also has quite a few settings you can mess around with, and I can honesty say this is the best minecraft client program I have used so far. Inside the zip file is a .jar file so it is impossible to infect. Simply download and run it like you would the normal Minecraft.jar





How to install!
1. The download is above. Download it and rename it to minecraft.jar
2. Copy the minecraft.jar into your .minecraft bin folder replacing the .jar inside. (For me it’s “C:\Users\john\AppData\Roaming\.minecraft\bin”)
3. To find the bin folder on windows. Search for %appdata%, click on roaming and .minecraft
4. Run minecraft.exe how you normally would.


How not to get banned!

Will I get banned?

Well if the server admin sees you then yes. But you can only be banned from one server at a time, there is no global ban system. So you can destroy as many servers as you want!

Some hacks for minecraft are really easy to detect, but this depends on how there used. Obviously if you start flying and building houses out of diamonds your going to get noticed pretty darn quick. Sometimes server owners will be cool with you just playing around but most of the time they just rage and ban you, Just be sneaky and prepare your striking time with care.

Here are some cool tips on how not to get banned!

  • Know your server – Know what times admins are most likely to be on and avoid those times, or spend that time being constructive!
  • Use nametags and tracers – Being able to see where everyone is before they can see you is a powerful tool@
  • Get on at night – It’s the best time to find unguarded servers and play.
  • Join new servers fast – Those new servers with really bad threads and 0 posts are the best ones to join. Not only will they have no protective plugins but the server owners are likely to be new and gullible. (Pro-tip – get on hamachi servers they almost never have plugins!)
  • Be nice – No one will ever suspect the nice guy in the corner.

Here’s a few videos, things change over the versions so don’t expect everything to look the same.


- Here is some pictures of me blowing stuff up!

Click here to view the full size pictures


How to use minecraft hacks!

Like most other online games, cheats exist. In fact, they are growing in popularity to the point that many servers have emerged environments provides no rule. On these servers, or playing solo, of course, using some hacks will not get you banned. If you use a normal server you will need to hide the fact that the use or risk being removed from the server.
Now, before I tell you something I want to clarify – I do not support any malicious or destructive hacks or minecraft mods to destroy or disrupt other players buildings. Cheat on my job is great to avoid having to do any of this work much effort to be able to build what you want. There are more users that installs malicious  mods for the sole purpose of destroying other peoples fun and get away with it. Destroy the other buildings of the people (known as griefing) is part of the game for some, but not for me and all the servers properly prepared would anticipate something you could actually do.

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  • jkexbx
    #1 written by jkexbx  2 years ago

    Thanks man, havent had any problems running your client!

  • lineslutte5
    #2 written by lineslutte5  2 years ago

    This is the best client ever.

  • Blade
    #3 written by Blade  2 years ago


  • jimmyyyyy
    #4 written by jimmyyyyy  2 years ago

    thanks bro!

  • 04Miner
    #5 written by 04Miner  2 years ago

    I use this hack evryday, thanks for keeping it updated!

  • ReconTrout
    #6 written by ReconTrout  2 years ago

    I LOOOOOVE this mod! Thanks so much! Singleplayer hes never been so much fun! And multiplayer…

  • mezular
    #7 written by mezular  2 years ago

    how do i use namespoofer? what do i type?

    • MineCraft Hacking
      #8 written by MineCraft Hacking  2 years ago

      /n “newname”

  • sannik77
    #9 written by sannik77  2 years ago

    i had a little trouble finding the download link

    • MineCraft Hacking
      #10 written by MineCraft Hacking  2 years ago

      How? It’s the huge picture that says “Download” lol

  • tonitonbg
    #11 written by tonitonbg  2 years ago

    can you tell me is it free

    • MineCraft Hacking
      #12 written by MineCraft Hacking  2 years ago

      Yea it’s free.

  • Anon
    #13 written by Anon  2 years ago

    When you say ban protection, you mean it’s safe to use in multiplayer?

  • mygame99
    #14 written by mygame99  2 years ago

    How do I use. Am I suppose to get a .jar cause i got a RAR file

    • MineCraft Hacking
      #15 written by MineCraft Hacking  2 years ago

      RAR is zip format, the jar is inside of that.

  • RalphORama
    #17 written by RalphORama  2 years ago

    I’m running this on a Mac (I don’t know if it makes any difference), and I can’t seem to figure out how to activate half the features, such as the name spoofer, nuker, item spawning, and force field. How would I turn these on?

    I am playing on a multiplayer server, and I must say, everything that works works very well.

  • Mn0xxy
    #18 written by Mn0xxy  2 years ago

    lol this spoofer is fun as ****, any chance you can make the creepers blow up as well?

  • Hi
    #19 written by Hi  2 years ago

    Does this let u place multiple of any item in one click?

    • MineCraft Hacking
      #20 written by MineCraft Hacking  2 years ago

      Yea, multibulding. You can place towers and such.

  • PissedOffGuy
    #21 written by PissedOffGuy  2 years ago

    Thanks, I’m about to f*** up a server that banned me for no apparent reason WOOT!

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