How to install Mods in Minecraft

All About Using Minecraft Smp Mods

Ok before we start modding minecraft you need to understand the risks and the details to what you are about to do. First off, there is a very large chance that sometime during installing or creating your own mods that you will break your copy of minecraft. This is not a major issue as you can always re-download the game from Mojangs’ official site, however, you may lose all other progress such as saved words and game achievements.  Due to the fact that Mojang does not support mods you are on your own and will receive no support if this happens. Second any game update will break your mods so after each update the process must be repeated.  If you are looking for a fast easy fix I suggest you visit my home page and download my free hack client. But if your prepared to get down and dirty plus learn a few things read on!

Installing SMP Mods Prerequisites

  • Know how to zip/unzip files, and be familiar with archiving utility’s (such as WinRAR, 7zip, etc.) or have a mod loader installer
  • Knowing what your actually doing.

If you don’t know these things then I hope your a fast learner as a misplaced step could send your minecraft client to a black screen. Also I would suggest you visit the official minecraft smp modding forums if you encounter difficulty.  At worst you break your client and learn what not to do. =)

How do Minecraft SMP Mods Work?

Deep within the bowels of your computer there is a file by the name of “minecraft.jar”. This file contains all the information that minecraft needs to run. Think of it as a guidebook for minecraft. It contains the guidelines on world generation block placement how to make blocks item recipes. By accessing this file we can change those values, allowing us to make minecraft server hacks do anything. When you mod minecraft all you’re doing is adding lines of code to existing lines of code. Depending on what you add will depend on what the output is. Now because minecraft is not an open source game the contents of minecraft.jar are cryped. Meaning that instead of a file for recipes being named recipes it’s named some other weird name like “MP, SK, LM, BF”. Making our job a little bit more challenging.

On top of everything above every item, creature, block in the game has been assigned an ID. The ID acts as a reference point to another value. This is done purely for coders convenience, it’s much easier to write the number 1554 every time you want to reference a cow. Plus it means if you ever want to remove the cow from the game you can simply delete its ID. So you must be careful not to use conflicting IDs

As a result there are some very strict limitations to what you can and cannot do:

  • Because you are altering the game code from how it was originally shipped, Mojang will be unable to support you at all and is not responsible for any damages caused by such process.
  • Please make sure you trust the creator of the Mod before you install it. most mods are safe however some of them known to steal your minecraft username/password. As a result it is recommended that you only install popular modifications. Or alternatively use a modloader such as the one found on this site.
  • As we discussed earlier because minecraft is not an open source game and the contents of minecraft.jar change after every update mods will usually break. The obvious solution to this is not to update your client however if you do choose to update your mods may not be updated for quite a while as they are at the mercy of their coder. And because coders are people and have lives it may be weeks or months before your favorite mod is updated
  • It is important to remember that because mods are third-party and unsupported they do not normally look out for each other. If you install a mod that turns cats into dogs and a separate mod that does the opposite they’re very likely to break each other. So in retrospect you should probably check to see if your mods have the same or very similar features as it may cause incompatibility issues.

Client Mods

Client Mods are modifications done to minecraft.jar and not to be confused with hacked clients such as the one featured on the front page of this website

Most client mods simply feature improved scenery or add content to gameplay. However most client mods will not carry over into multiplayer SMP servers, as the server checks against such thing and will ignore modified content. Yet again if you’re interested in doing such things on multiplayer SMP servers then I suggest you head over to our main page and download the hacked client which will allow you to.

Where is my minecraft.jar File?

  • Windows ME/95/98/XP:
  1. Click start.
  2. Click Run….
  3. Type %AppData%.
  4. Open .minecraft.
  5. Open bin.

You will see minecraft.jar (It may appear only as minecraft)

  • Windows Vista/7:
  1. Click the Start Icon.
  2. In the Search Bar, type %AppData% and press Enter.
  3. Open Roaming.
  4. Open .minecraft.
  5. Open bin.

You will see minecraft.jar (It may appear only as minecraft)

  • Macintosh:
  1. Click Finder.
  2. From Places, choose your Username.
  3. Open Library.
  4. Open Application Support.
  5. Open minecraft.
  6. Open bin.

You will see minecraft.jar

  • Linux:
  1. Open your Home Folder.
  2. Do NOT start the Minecraft launcher.
  3. In your Home Folder, press Ctrl+H to see hidden files
  4. Open the .minecraft folder
  5. Open the bin folder that is in the .minecraft folder

You should see your minecraft.jar file

Making Backups

If you’re interested and have decided to try and mod minecraft you might want to do the following things:

  • Create backups of your worlds
  • If you’ve already installed previous mods then you should also backup minecraft.jar itself.
  • Before you remove mods you should also remove the modified content from your worlds. as attempting to use modified content after your mods been removed and may cause a game crashes.

Please create backups every time you modify or edit anything.


  • Some mods require other moss in order to function properly. In these cases it’s recommended to use a modloader to help you keep track of installed mods.



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