This is the first one of these I’ve ever seen, a client for Tekkit servers. For those of you that don’t know Bukkit, and Tekkit are both server wrappers for Minecraft Server. They provide a common base for plugins to rely on and allow mod developers to have a common platform to base their coding on. Most of the time modded clients are developed for Bukkit servers as they are the most popular and well known. However, this client is made for tekkit servers, as a non tekkit server player I never tested it. So you guys can have all the fun of doing this one!

Console Commands and KeyBinds.


  • X- Xray
  • B – Fullbright
  • F – Fly(speed can be adjusted with up and down arrow keys)
  • L – Freecam (requires Fly to be on)
  • G – ForceField(With a friends list)
  • N – Nofall
  • V – Speed Mine (Change speed with left and right arrow key)
  • C – Hide Chat
  • F12 – Hide Chat

Console Commands
~ – opens console
help – Shows all the commands
nofall – Fall damage on/off
friend – Add a friend that your forcefeild won;t attack.
remove – Remove a friend
list – Turns on the gui showing your friends
radar – Radar on/off
mobinfo – shows distance and relative altitude of mobs on the radar
playerinfo – shows distance and relative altitude of players on the radar


No Pictures but the coder did provide a few videos! Download is right below the videos!



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