Ah Nodus, this is about the only client I heard about. Complete with cheering fanboys and what not. It ironically lives up to its name and produced quite a few hours of fun filled griefing for me and a few friends. But enough about me let go over some specs. First off Nodus is updated just about every three days, enough to keep a full time programmer busy. Of course I get the feeling that it’s backed bu MPGH so go figure! A really nice feature (besides the GUI) that Nodus has is the ability to create custom keybinds ingame, so you can mix and match with out the usual save-quit-reload circle.

A few cool facts noted by the devloper

  • The client will tell you when an update is available.
  • Players that are vanished have a purple name
  • Players using mob disguise have pink names
  • Players that are sneaking have Light Red names
  • Players that are set as friends have yellow names
  • Friends are immune to forcefeild
  • Friends are immune to aim bot
  • The max name viewing distance is 250 blocks
  • You can change servers and texture packs while still connected


-aimassist Makes the collision box of players/mob larger (Easier to hit)
-aimbot Toggle aimbot or change the mode You can also set a player
-alias Create or delete command aliases Basically your own commands
-antispam When activated you won’t get spamme&flooded
-autocharge Automatically charges your bow shots
-autofish Automatically pulls out fish for you
-autosiqn Places signs with set text. place a sign to set the text
-automine Automatically swings your arm to break blocks for you
-autotool Automatically switches to the tool that will break the block the fastest
-autowalk Automatically holds the walk key for you Works when typing
-bind Bind any of these commands to a key so you don’t have to type
-build Build shapes with the click of a button. change the mode -
chat Clear chat or send a message to the server Can be commands!
-chc knuker Creative click nuker Breaks blocks around the block you click  this is a creative nuker Will break all blocks around you
-cnuker config Deals with the configuration file and Nodus folder.
-cnticals Turn on automatic sprint hitting
-day Turn on client side daytime
-deg When actrvated your body goes crazy to everyone on the sener
-disable Disables all activated hacks Bind this to a key for a PANIC button disconnect Disconnects you from the server. (Use with the Health command)
-drop Drop your entire inventory causing massive client lag Use no render
-labels Shows name tags above mobs -fastbreak Causes blocks to break a lot faster The better the tool the faster
-fastplace Makes it so you can place or throw extremely fast
-flood Control a multi-lined flooder or save your multi line flood to a file
-fly Turn on flying or change the fly mode Bind up and down to commands
forcefield- Turn on forcefield or change the mode kreecam When in forcefield people can’t see you move
-friend Manage your friends you won’t attack ynth forcefield or aimbot
-fullbright Makes blocks brighter so you can see in caves
-gui Toggle the entire GUI off or lust turn off the menu
-heal If your food bar is full you ynll heal instantly.
-health When activated if your health level drops below LEVEL run COMMAND
-help View the help menu and sub-menus highiump When activated you lump a lot higher.
-tic Control various things about IPC Use toggle to turn it on/off
-nameprotect Change chentside names
-nofall When activated you don’t take fall damage Doesn’t work on NoCheat -
norender Disables rendering of items on the ground Increases FPS  Toggles noswing on and off.
-nosynng -nuker When activated It breaks the block type you click Use better tools -oath Shows a particle path to a USER
-radar Activate or change the mode of radar Notify sends chat notifications
-remotenew View USER in their eyes or return to your new People in radar only!
-slowdown Disables speed slowdowns in Web/Soul Sand
-smasher Breaks all one hit blocks around you Torches Grass. etc
-sneak Automatically makes you sneak Packet is blocked by NoCheat -spam Spam a MSG a set AMOUNT of times
-spamfile Spam the contents of FILE in the Nodus Spam Folder
-spider When activated it lets you scale walls
-sprint Automatically makes you sprint
-step Step up ITIT amount of blocks at a time
-timer Change the game speed Known as speedhack
-tracers toggles tracers on and off  Entities can’t push you and when hit you don’t get knocked back unpushable
-noclip This is known as UP on other clients Use a negative sign to go down
-wallhack See entities or ores through walls
-water Walk on water. bounds Is blocked by NoCheat
-weather When activated you don’t see weather  Manage the workbench button command workbench
-xray This is the normal xray in any other client Add/Del blocks from It



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