Minecraft Bow & Snowball Rapidfire Hack


This is a nice little rapidfire hack I found a few days back. This is NOT a client and only requires you to have .net framework 3.5 or higher. This rapidfire hack will work for all versions of minecraft.

This rapidfire hack worked on almost every server that I tried, sometimes nocheat would throw a fit so please use it with care.

Hotkeys: Hold “R” to start the rapid fire
Insert = Hide/show
Delete = close

Click Here to Download

Here a video of the rapidfire hack in use.

[1.2.5] Unknown Client | Built In Texture | Beast-Griefing Tool | Nocheat Bypass |


Unknown such an original and classic name, it’s no wonder that I decided to give it a try. That or it might have been the really sleek video that was posted….oh well I forget now days! Tbh the name threw me off a tad and I almost didn’t bother posting this one , you never know with a name like unknown. However, the coder had released a few clients before this and most of them were quite good and Unknown is no exception! I was very much impressed by the GUI and the ease of navigation within the client. All of the features seemed to work flawlessly and that is by no means a small feat. Throughout my gameplay with this client I noticed no bugs and had no crashing issues. So it’s stable and well worth a download, check out the features and media below!


To activate the GUI you need to press enter, use right shift to bring up the console and the “=” for IRC.

Hotkeys and Comamnds


  • (Z) Fly = Simple flyhack, works good
  • (N) Insta = Breaks blocks instantly, glitchy on nocheat servers
  • (J) Jump = Jump like superman!
  • (K) Climb = Wallclimb
  • (N) Sneak = Allows you to appear stealthed
  • (G) NoSwing = Won’t show you swinging
  • [R] Stair/Step = “Step” up blocks and walls
  • (Zero) NoPush = People can’t push you. Simple as that.
  • (B) NoClip = This is the same as freecam
  • (Y) Protect = This is the aura
  • (M) Render = Norender, so you can spam drop stuff
  • (L) Wallhack = Allows you to see though walls
  • (O) Weather = Turns the wether on/off
  • (Bkspc) Smash = Breaks all items around you
  • (F6) Place = Changes your movment speed
  • (F4) NoResistance = Cobwebs and water won’t affect speed
  • (U) Jesus = Walk on and destroy water blocks and LAVA!
  • (F) Nuker = Slowly destroys blocks around you
  • (RCTRL) Fall = Anti fall damage
  • (P) Freecam = The non-flying verson of freecam
  • (X) X-Ray = What do you think this does?
  • (C) Fullbright = I love full bright, even use it on my own server!
  • ( ) Tracers = Tracers that show players upto 150 blocks
  • ( ) Boxes = Shows a box around all players
  • ( ) Colored Players = Never tried this
  • (Delete) Nametag = Makes it really easy to PVP
  • (Insert) Radar = Radar
  • ( ) Clock = Shows a clock
  • ( ) Compass = Shows a compass
  • ( ) MiniMap = A free mini-map!



Download at the Bottom!

| Built In Texture Nocheat Bypass |


[1.2.5 Client]Hawk [IRC|Bypass's|90+Features|SweetGUI|Save/Load|CustomKeybinds]


[1.2.5 Client]Hawk [IRC|Bypass's|90+Features|SweetGUI|Save/Load|CustomKeybinds]

Major Features:
Radar – Close friends | Lovers | Monsters Shown
IRC – Connect and additionally Chat alongside other customer consumers!
Whole ESP – Friends Get a hold of that annoying player if he/she gets away
Chat/Mob ESP – Get a hold of Chests or Monsters FAST!
Click/Drag GUI – Toggle Hacks through a mouse click associated with the mouse
Custom KeyBinds – Change your keybinds and additionally save them!
Save/Load – Weight and additionally also save what you currently have toggled, and as close friends!
Config – Edit Anything from the clients name, kill delay, or perhaps xray block id!
Auto Tool – Change to the tool best suited for the job
AutoPvP/KillAura – Eliminate anything mobs or perhaps players inside a certain distance!
Teleport – Teleport anywhere through a click, or perhaps tying .tp x y z!
Jesus – Walk upon drinking water!
NoSwing – No Swing avoid, Look witty destroying things alongside this on!Xray – Full xray and additionally Customization
MUCH More inclding Survival as well as Creative nuke, NC Bypassed Sprint, Fly, Critical hit ect.


Every one of the Attributes
Real time information – reside information during the principal menu screen
Range List – Array list showing currently activated hacks(aVo like inch
Mouse click and drag menu – Mouse click tab to open the menu
System – Mouse click backspace to open system
Menu color possibility – Choose between red, green, gold, blue, purple and also orange. within the menu tab called “GUI Color”
Client name change – Make use of the console and also type (“client=New name”) This is certainly stored within a settings file in the .minecraft folder
Player name change – Make use of the console and type (“player=New name”) This is saved within a settings file in the .minecraft folder(this changes your name client side.
Instant respawn
Friends List (“list”) (“buddy add/del *username*”)
Add buddies
Better fly. (Quicker.)
Username changer
Proxy support
Teleport (Mouse click and also x-y-z)
Delete close friends
Pals have changed ESP
Friends are unable to be damaged.
Friends get capes
Worldwide cape API due to the fact pig bacon
Custom jump elevation – Make use of the hack menu
Custom move elevation – (“setstep <int>”) or the Hack menu
Custom accelerate – (“setspeed <int>”) or the hack menu
Custom Nuker – (“nukeid <blockid>”) or the hack menu
Custom Xray – (“setxray <blockid>”) – or the hack menu
Custom Fast Spot – Make use of the hack menu
Custom Kill aura delay – (“killdelay <int>”)Set the kill aura delay with the “Delay” settings in the menu
Day – poised the time for you day, client side. (“day”)
weather – poised the weather off or on. (“noweather”)
Flash Light – see inside the dark. (“fullbright”)
Jade – Make everything have a lesser opacity (“jade”)
xRay – Turn upon xray for all ores (“xray”)
ChestESP – Discover chests alongside a chest drawn tracer (“chestesp”)
Clean drinking water – Removes a rendered image of whenever the in drinking water, clears it up (“cleanwater”)
Radar – a radar of the many players in a certain block distance, if green they tend to be on your friends list (“radar”)
Mob Radar – Adds monsters to the radar (“mobradar”)
XP Orb tracer – come across XP orbs by way of a tracer line and also box esp (“orbtrace”)
Fast Destination – Destination blocks fast, can be changed inside the custom settings(“fastplace”)
Smash Delay – Takes away the delay of smashing in creative(“???”)
Custom xray – poised your xray block id alongside settings or (“setxray 56″)
Auto PvP – Car aim as well as attack people (“pvp”)
Whole ESP – Player Tracer and additionally package ESP, Red for enemy, Green for buddy (“esp”)
Jet Pack – JetPack your way around by spamming the space bar, aka unlimited jump (“jetpack”)
Creative Nuker – automatically threaded. Turn on in a creative server and also destroy anything withing go distance, INSTANTLY! (“creativenuke”)
Survival Nuker – Same since creative, but not really instant, poised the block id and nuke, no buffer overflow crash either! (“customnuke”)
Move – Move up blocks, edit exactly how numerous blocks in settings (“step”)
Wall Climb – Climb walls like spider man (“wallclimb”)
Fly – Buggy, a creative fly, hold up afterward deactive to fix the down pulling (“fly”)
Speed Mine – A bit faster mining (“speedmine”)
Aimbot – Car aim at mobs as well as entitys in a certain distance
Freecam – Buggy aided by the fly hack, however works. takes you from your body to explore things (“freecam”)
Follow – Jump into a player or perhaps mob and also in which ever they walk, you walk! (“follow”)
Mob ESP – Attracts mob nametags (“mobesp”)
Sprint – Emulates sprinting (“sprint”)
GodMode – Nevertheless buggy, sets the player since dead, cant toggle in return YET(got to fix which eh? ;D) (“godmode”)
Ghost Mode – Never sure if its actually working, but pulls you from your body and also you are able to walk without having actually mobile from the original player (“ghostmode”)
Retard – Derps you the fuck out (“derp” or perhaps “retard”)
No Internet – not really impacted by web (“noweb”)
Auto walk – Auto walk…really? you may need me personally to explain this shit? (“autowalk”)
Insta-mine – Improved speedmine, Diamond tools because fast since gold tools. (“instamine”)
Big Lovers – Renders lovers massive, for finding and additionally for teh lol’s (“bigplayer”/”big”)
Wall Hack – Makes every entitys a shade of red, and also appear though walls (“wallhack”)
Kill Aura – Attacks anything inside go distance, ready the wait upon the attacking alongside settings or perhaps (“killdealy <int>”) enable with (“killaura”)
Zoom – Zoom in (“Zoom”)
Sneak – send sneak packets, and move slowly to bypass nocheat (“sneak”)
High jump – Hop higher, custom settings in menu (“jump”)
No Swing – Dont send swing packets, good for trolling (“noswing”)
Infinite Fly – Fly UP UP UP. (“inffly”)
Unblocker – This does virtually practically nothing, however it unblocks motion at some points
Critical hit – do critical hits always (“critical”)
Jesus – Bypassed jesus for nocheat, walk upon drinking water like it had been solid (“jesus”)
No Fall – dont take fall damage upon server without having nocheat (“nofall”)
Reach – REach hack for non-nocheat servers (“reach”)
- Diamond Ore
- Gold Ore
- Iron Ore
- Coal Ore
- Lapis Ore
- Redstone Ore
- Every one of the ores
- Chests
- Custom



|1.2.5| GSC Client From iAmDat


This is a very sleek and simple client that does the job, nothing more and nothing less. This is actually one of the clients that I’m personally more fond of, just due to the really simple GUI and easy navigation. The client of course offers keybinds but only for hacks that are bound to be used more than others. I never saw the purpose of hotkeying a derp hack and thank god neither did they. It also comes with a built in music player. Because no-one has access to wmp anymore. Cute but not going to earn any brownie points……unless you hokey the music.


Keys and Comamnds

O|Toggle fly modes. [Off, Notch, 3D]
P|Toggle movement speed. [1.0, 2.0, 5.0]
I| Toggle sneak.
X|Toggle x-ray. [Off, Ores, Chests, Gravel]
K|Aimbot (auto-kill)
F (hold)| While aimbot (auto-kill) is active, it stops attacking until you let go of F again.
L|Nuker. [Normal, Ignore Bedrock, Smash]
Home|Minimizes or expands the key-bind GUI.
End|Turns off all hacks
Backspace|Console/Click-able GUI
Escape|Exit Console/Click-able GUI
Console commands:
tool, fps, jesus, stepup, ij, nofall, bright, weather, chests, players, fp, music, msg
Music Stuff
No….you can use help for these

If you have to use the help command just type “help <command>” to learn more about that command. Kinda handy to know.


Client Pictures

GSC Client


Vanity V7.2 According to them “Best Client Ever”


According to the coder Vanity V7.2 is the best client ever, a bit of a stretch in my opinion. However, it’s not a a bad client at all and is on the contrary very stable and bug free. Overall if you can’t have one of the major clients or are just looking for a change of direction then this may be the perfect client for you! It is at the very least worth taking the time to stare at as the GUI is shiny!

The coder did not bother to post a list of features, but he did post a screenshot showing the GUI. So I’ll briefly go over the features shown in the picture.

Credits to  ZCS, Graveee & Stl.


  • Breadcrumb -No clue never checked
  • Vanitychat -A private chat system for users
  • Nameprotect -Hides your name
  • FlyHack -Won’t working on nocheat
  • NoCheat -No Clue
  • NoWeather -Good, I hate weather anyways
  • Revive -Dead…NOT!
  • Sneak -Run and sneak all at the same time
  • SpeedHack -Love this
  • Speedmine -Use with speedhack for best effect
  • BuildMode -Autobuilds a bunch of cool stuff
  • Wallhack -We all know what this is
  • Retard mode -For retards
  • KillAura -Gotta love it
  • ESP -Tracers and whatnot


According to them "Best Client Ever"



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