Secondlife Hacks

Incognito SecondLife Hacking

This Secondlife Hack is currently  – Undetectable

Here is some info:

General conveniences:

* Identification of other viewers, avatar idle time
* Double-click local teleport
* Pressing Esc to reset camera won’t force to stand up
* Phantom Avatar lets you avoid physical push when you’re being harassed
* Avatar Radar
* Alpha Skins and Tattoo Layers
* Enhanced Friend and Groups panels
* Script counting to check yourself and those around you for your impact on the simulator performance
* Sound and animation explorers
* Multiple attachments per attachment point. Incompatible with Emerald system, but compatible to Viewer 2.1 and more recent.
* Vertical IM tabs
* Quick settings for performance and windlight in lower right corner of the window
* Command line from Emerald for common operations
* Area search
* Windlight editor
* Built in pose stand

Improvements for content creators:

* Free texture upload for testing textures and sculpties
* Preview animations on yourself upon upload
* Copy and Paste in build panel
* Embedded Animation Override editor
* Rez Objects As Land Group option
* Math expressions in build panel, from Imprudence
* Alignment tool, by Qarl Fizz
* Measure distance between any 2 prims – available in pie menu.
* UUID display for various things – full perm textures, prims, avatars
* Enhanced inspection floater


* RLVa
* Fake away status
* Mu style posing, auto close OOC brackets
* Roleplaying mode: enclose every non-/me statement into OOC brackets
* Bouncy Breast physics effect
* Emerald-style privacy controls

Goon Features:

* Unrestricted Export/Import Clothing Shapes Skins Prims
* Rip Textures Off Prims (SHIFT RIGHT CLICK) saves a temp copy to Inventory
* Hexeditor you should know what this is
* Text Editor (Change Skins Clothes Texture UUID’s) right click a skin open with text editor
* Texture Picker Mods Added Ability To SetAlpha,Invisable,Save It to Your Inventory Or Use a UUID
* Mac And IDO Spoofer for you naughty Goons
* Animation Rip Temp Copys to Inventory Or Save As .BVH .NEIL .ANIMATIN or reupload full perm for 10L$
* Rip Textures Off Avatars (click on desired texture in the floater then choose save to inventory
* Rip Particles from prims or avatars attachments (thanks to FC Team)
* Local Assets load saved anims textures sounds clothes etc..
* Sound Explorer Rip sounds to inventory simply by opening sound
* Create Pretend Items from Inventory With UUID
* Save As From Inventory
* Load And Save Inventorys INV Cache
* UUID off any object in world
* Undeform option when some nasty bitch animates you
* Built with Visual Studio 2010 SSE2 for speed
And More


Secondlife Hacking

Password for Download: BGh58J485D
Password for Installer: nH45Ji5Lag

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